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 "Head of Pond Road" by Grant Haffner

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"Corner of Main Street Bridgehampton" 

by Grant Haffner

Wu Woo Volume 3




 February - March 2014

 The Tonic Artspace presents:



To Show, Shine, appear,

to be manifest seemingly of itself,

plural phenomena,

is any observable occurrence, an extraordinary event.


The Tonic Artspace Pop-Up Gallery returned to Kathryn Markel's 2418 Main Street Bridgehampton gallery for the months of February and March and celebrated new artworks by Arrex, Maeve D’Arcy, Carly Haffner, Christine Lidrbauch, Scott Gibbons, and Grant Haffner.



 philip c haffner


*A portrait of Philip Clark Haffner, painted in 1974 by the San Francisco artist Lori Weiss, will also be on view as a memorial in celebration of his life.  Phil left this world peacefully on February 6th, 2014, but his passionate and creative spirit will never leave us.



The Rx project stems from my brush with death when in the span of 2 years, 5 members of my family were diagnosed with cancer, or other severe ailments. During this time I was surprised with a tumor of my very own. Needless to say, I became fascinated with medicine and the artistic theme of “Memento Mori”. In Latin, this means “Remember Death”. My skulls serve as a small reminder of our mortality and the fragility that is life. The fun I have with them reflects that while life is serious business...it should also be fun. My skulls are all created from one base photograph I took in London over 7 years ago. This is why they all have a unified branding to them. I’ve been screen-printing and hand cutting skull and teeth stickers in my small studio tirelessly for the past four years.




Maeve D'Arcy is a visual artist born in Queens, New York. She recently attended a month long residency at the Contemporary Artists Center in Troy, NY.  In 2013 she graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London with an MA in Fine Art. In 2009 she graduated summa cum laude from the CUNY Baccalaureate Program for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies with a major in Visual Art and Social Justice Studies. She is based in New York City as well as in London and Ireland, and her practice is focused on painting, drawing, and sculpture.



carly haffner



Carly Haffner grew up in Springs, NY.  She attended California College of Arts and Crafts (B.F.A.) in San Francisco, CA and Hunter College (M.F.A.) in New York City.  In 2005 she co-founded a local art collective called Bonac Tonic.  Carly has shown her art at Silas Marder Gallery, Mosquito Hawk Gallery, Werkstatte in New York City, Park Life in San Francisco, and ADA Gallery in Richmond, VA.



 scott gibbons



Scott Gibbons currently resides in East Hampton, NY, but his heart and mind really resides in the world of the soft sculpture creatures and worlds he constructs. To put it simply, he is a creator of worlds unbeknown to conventional art circles in that he manipulates textiles to his bidding in order to convey his cartoonish and childlike whims. From small Bubbie Monsters to framed scenes to large scale installations, Scott forms his own universe by using his best asset, his incomparable imagination.






Christine Lidrbauch is an artist who uses many different media to communicate a melding of male and female cultures.  Sculptures are made using discarded plastic auto bumpers, recombining them to make new forms, focusing on symmetry, which brings to mind the body.  The works are a homage to industrial production and design, speak of recycling and waste in the use of the discarded items, and are often referential to art historical works.






Born in 1978 Berkeley, California and raised in East Hampton, Long Island.  When I drive I feel completely alive.  For a small moment, in between this place and that, I am free from reality.  My truck and I become a motion of blurred color, barreling through space and time.  I like to keep my window open to listen to the sounds that traveling makes, to enjoy the smell of the landscape.  Every trip is a new one, not one sunset is the same.  On the road I am a part of the painting.  I am movement, color, sound, adventure and emotions. This is my landscape.


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The Tonic Artspace Returns with “Phenomena” at the Kathryn Markel Gallery

A print by Grant Haffner. Courtesy of the artist.

A print by Grant Haffner. Courtesy of the artist.

By Tessa Raebeck

A contemporary art collective in constant movement, both in theory and action, the Tonic Artspace returns with “Phenomena” at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in Brigehampton.  Springs-raised Grant Haffner founded the Tonic Artspace as a way to showcase the East End’s emerging artists and challenge the limits of the traditional art show. Through his collective, Haffner brings unique group shows to different venues, using the experience both as inspiration for his own work and as a way to spread the talent of his friends, family and neighbors.

"Portrait of Phil Haffner" by Lori Weiss, 1974. Courtesy of Grant Haffner.

“Portrait of Phil Haffner” by Lori Weiss, 1974. Courtesy of Grant Haffner.

An “undefined, forever evolving pop-up art promoting machine that understands no boundaries,” the Tonic Artspace returns this year with “Phenomena,” which will showcase the work of six emerging East End artists. A 1974 portrait of Philip Clark Haffner by artist Lori Weiss will also be on view in memoriam of Mr. Haffner’s father, who passed away February 6.

Color print by Arrex. Courtesy of Grant Haffner.

Color print by Arrex. Courtesy of Grant Haffner.

The Tonic Artspace is an extension of Bonac Tonic, a collective of local up-and-coming artists founded in 2005 by Mr. Haffner and his twin sister Carly, who is also a painter and will exhibit her latest works in the show. 

Inspired by the “phenomena” of death and severe illness in his family, the artist Arrex will show a series of screen-printed and hand cut skulls that “serve as a small reminder of our mortality and the fragility in life.”

The show also includes the work of painter and sculptor Maeve D’Arcy of Queens and Christine Lidrbauch, who uses various media and recycled objects “to communicate a melding of male and female cultures.”

The imaginative creatures and installations of Scott Gibbons, a core artist of the collective and “a creator of worlds unbeknown to conventional art circles,” will also be on display.

The “Phenomena” opening reception will be held February 22 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Kathryn Markel Fine Arts gallery, 2418 Main Street in Bridgehampton. For more information, visit here.





Events from 2013:


The organizers (Hampton Photo Arts +Tonic) of this juried exhibition and art contest asked youth artists to submit work in any medium for a show at Ashawagh Hall in Springs. Submissions were grouped by grade/age divisions and work was entered into two categories: Photography/Digital Art/Mixed (graphic) Media or Drawing/Painting/Illustration/Collage/Sculpture. Prizes were awarded for Best in Show and Best in Division/Category.   The Tonic Artspace built a cave out of cardboard boxes.



The Bonac Cave Systems
event photos taken by Robert D. Comes

megablast.gallery/mega.winners.jpg megablast.gallery/mega.win.jpg megablast.gallery/mega.view.jpg megablast.gallery/mega.shot.gallery.jpg
megablast.gallery/mega.origamil.jpg megablast.gallery/mega.gallery.shot.jpg megablast.gallery/mega.digital.win.jpg megablast.gallery/mega.better.gallery.jpg
megablast.gallery/carlyhaffner.cars.jpg megablast.gallery/bonacCaveSystems.jpg megablast.gallery/bonac.inside.jpg megablast.gallery/bonac.cave.streamers.jpg
megablast.gallery/bonac.cave.inside.deer.jpg megablast.gallery/bonac.cave.dwellers.jpg megablast.gallery/bonac.cave.detail.jpg megablast.gallery/bonac.cave.deer.jpg
megablast.gallery/bonac.cardboard.cave.jpg megablast.gallery/bonac.card.cave.jpg megablast.gallery/bonac.bestinshow.jpg


Just for some extra fun check out this video call for entries, starring local artist, Dan’s Papers cover artist and event organizer Grant Haffner (of Tonic Artspace).




Tonic Artspace Bridgehampton 2013:


The most notorious case of graffiti in Hamptons history was one that spawned a local legend. 

About 40 years ago, ''Virgil Is the Frog Boy'' appeared on a trestle spanning the Sag Harbor Turnpike. Though weathered, the words were visible for many years after. Lore has it an East Hampton teenager was so named by his friends, but his identity and the circumstances under which he earned the nickname remain a secret.

Some years later, ''Virgil Is Still the Frog Boy'' appeared on the same trestle. Speculation about the mystery flared anew, but that case has never been solved.



Tonic Artspace bridgehampton 

Celebrating brand new artworks by: 

Carly Haffner

Christine Lidrbauch

Grant Haffner

Scott Blueborn

Scott Gibbons




Check out Grant Haffner's painting "Winter on Long Beach" on the cover of Dan's Papers

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